MDRE EQUITIES, LLC services include asset acquisition, development, investment analysis, construction, consulting and property management. Simply put, MDRE EQUITIES, LLC provides the expertise, service and client focus required to effectively manage its clients' commercial real estate investments in today's dynamic marketplace.

Established in 1998, MDRE Equities is a Baltimore-based, full-service commercial real estate investment firm with the skills and expertise to provide its clients and investors a sound and measured approach to owning commercial real estate.

As seasoned real estate professionals and managing owners, the MDRE Equities’ team practices a philosophy of partnering with clients to achieve the desired goal. In practice, this philosophy is an effective extension of MDRE Equities’ business model – we build relationships not projects. As a result, client satisfaction is the basis for many of MDRE Equities’ repeat transactions.

MDRE Equities is committed to the acquisition and management of quality commercial real estate investments that generate stable, above-average returns while maximizing the asset's value for its investors. MDRE Equities’ skilled professionals are dedicated to the development of long-term client and investor relationships through integrity, loyalty and accountability.

MDRE Equities’ services include commercial real estate brokerage, development, consulting, investment analysis, construction management, mortgage financing, and property management. Simply put, MDRE Equities provides the expertise, service, and client focus required to effectively manage a diversified commercial real estate portfolio in today’s dynamic marketplace.